Christine Wallace Donaghadee

I have been using the Aloe Moisturising Serum for a few months now and I love it. After a shower in the morning and using a cleansing tissue at nights my face feels dry and tight. As soon as I apply the serum the effect is instant. My face feels lovely and soft and supple. It is expensive but worth every penny. I couldn't be without it.

Bob Parker, Country Manager Ireland, Uk and Iceland Ireland and UK

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Dr David Urch, BSc MA VetMB Dip Herb Med MRCVS

I have been using Aloe vera and bee products in competition horses for 18 years with excellent results. These products have been used both internally and externally.

Brian Corcoran, Soaring Manger Dublin

Having spent most of my working life in Telecoms the move to Forever Living was the best thing I could have done. The income, I more then trebled my Telecom pension, the world travel and the lifestyle it has afforded to me and my family is just amazing. Also, at 65 years old, the health benefits for me and my family have been excellent.
I truly love this business and have no desire or intention of retiring. I am so grateful that our future is secure.